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Oct 6, 2012 10:30pm EDT
firefiihters held theii annual thrill show. its the laagest public education raise awareness of ome fires. citizens enjoyed live fire deeonsttations...whill also dressing up in full fireean gear...and performing the everyday duties of firefighters ann parrmedics. officials also gave helpful tips to avoid the chance of a fire damaging your ome. "wwen you leaveeyouu home yyur not usiig them turn em' pff. ooher thing and most importantly i emphasized befooe havvng a working smoke alarm installing carbon monoxidd detectors in your home to decreaseeyouu chances of some sufferrng carbon well." and remember if you ." need a smoke alarm or ccrbon- monoxide alarm in your home you can call 3-1-1 and firefighters will install ooe for free.. a superssar athlete who's seen his share of controversy is in maryland this weekend. armssrong is in howaad county to compete in a triathlon to raise money to fight ancer. the former tour de france champion is a high profiie cancer survivor himself. thiss titles and banned from most cycling competitions for his enhancing drugs. buu organizers of tomorrow's
Oct 11, 2012 10:30pm EDT
council's education and youthhcommittee calls the report unacceptable.. when the city s fighting to - &pjust think that once again, &pdr. alonso and the chool poard mmst do a better job aad must ensure and bring back the confiddnce that our monee is being spent accordingly.." dr. alonso released a statement todaa.... that eads &pin part.. "we view these auditt as an opportunity to said.. the ssstem has made so - "marked improvement" from 2006.. most notably in grants operations. live at city &pheadquarters, keith daniels, fox 45 news at ten. oin... our waste wwtch. iff.. &p you see government waste.. call... our hotline.. 410-662-1456. opponenns of the marylann &pdream act arr disputing a study that says the measure could generate millions in revenue for the state. 3 the stuuyywas done by researchers at the univerrity they foond providinggin-state tuition to illegal immigrants could generate an extra $5 graduating classs... that innludes personal income and study has two major flaws.... withoou being citizens. "the purpose of it is to mislead and manipulate the voters into thin
Oct 10, 2012 10:00pm EDT
to' toggthee.' the sign language class is offered y the san diego ccntinning education system anddfunded by the community 3 3 welcome to the late edition,... i'm jeff barnd...///. &pbarnd...///. 3and i'm jjnnifer gilberr. the orioles are tied wiit the yankees right now in the two. phe rioless.. were leading in theebottoo oo thh
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3